Chief Supreme Court Justice, Florida Bar Honors One of Our Own

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Former AAML Florida President David Manz just received the prestigious Pro Bono Award from the Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice and Florida Bar President for “outstanding efforts above and beyond the call of duty to serve the legal community and state.” Manz, of the Florida Keys, and member of AAML Florida’s Board of Governors, received the Florida Bar President’s Pro … Read More

Considering Mortgage Payment in Calculating Permanent Alimony

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Alexander Caballero

(Alex Caballero of Sessums Black Caballero Ficarrotta, Tampa) The Florida Supreme Court has explicitly ruled, if a spouse requests permanent alimony, which includes an amount to be saved, the amount requested for savings should be denied. See Mallard v. Mallard, 771 So. 2d 1138 (Fla. 2000). The law is clear that there is no “savings” alimony. However, in determining permanent … Read More

Daubert in Family Law Cases: The Key to the Evidentiary Gate

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The introduction of expert testimony can be a pivotal issue in a complex family law matter.  Undoubtedly, there will be cases where you want to keep an expert’s opinion in evidence; and cases where you want to keep an expert’s opinion out of evidence.  Since Florida’s 2013 adoption of the Daubert standard, the arguments regarding the admissibility of expert witness … Read More