October 16, 2020

Dori Foster-Morales has been selected as Center for Child Counseling’s 2020 Recipient of the “Judge Ron Alvarez Resiliency Award”.  Judge Alvarez was a pioneer for creating a trauma informed judiciary before we even knew the lasting impact of toxic stress in children and the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on society. Dori is the current President of the Florida Bar and she has made it her mission to bring mental health and wellness awareness to the forefront of the 107,000 members of the Florida Bar.  Dori is truly creating a trauma informed Bar. 

Laura Davis Smith has been selected as Center for Child Counseling’s 2020 Recipient of the “Jane Robinson Child Advocacy Award”.  This award is named after Jane Robinson who founded Center for Child Counseling in 1999.  She has been an advocate for literally thousands of children.  Laura is a Board Certified Family Attorney and past chair of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar and a superb human being.  The CfCC selected Laura for this acknowledgement based on for her advocacy efforts for children both inside the Courtroom and in our community.

Watch as they both provide the Keynote Address at the Center for Child Counseling’s 2nd Annual Mental Health Summit which becomes available on demand on November 1, 2020!


$200 for 4.5 Hours of CLE

Discounts Available for Monthly CLE Subscribers, Legal Aid/Gov’t Attorneys and Judiciary

Co-Chairs: Eddie Stephens & Joe Considine 


0:00:00 – 1:04:00 – “How to help clients with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders” – Joe Considine, Esq. 

1:04:00 – 1:57:00 – “Structured Family Recovery: Helping Families in Crisis“ – Dr. John Dyben & Deborah Kuzmin, LCSW 

1:57:00 – 2:43:00 – “Florida Lawyer Assistance: Mental Health & Substance in the Legal Community” – Molly Paris, Esquire Dr. Scott M. Weinstein 

2:43:00 – 3:11:00 – “30 Ethics Questions in 30 Minutes’ – R.T. White & Eddie Stephens 

3:11:00 – 3:41:00 – “Mental Health and Wellness for Family Lawyers” – Laura Davis Smith, Dori Foster-Morales & Eddie Stephens

Source: https://eddiestephens.com/2020/10/13/2ndflmhs/?fbclid=IwAR3yX4uhM9mCNJAyhtQPyEiqN04Wawqt8n7XV2JTOCDz02Y60FxaMXG97qo