Love’s Labor Lost? When Does Marital Labor Create Marital Appreciation?

November 17th – 11:45 am – 1:00 pm

Charles Fox Miller, Esq., David Manz, Esq., & Theodore Uno, Esq.

This webinar will provide an in depth discussion of the potentially far reaching  impact of the Witt-Bahls v. Bahls case, and how marital enhancement of non-marital businesses is determined.  There will be a discussion concerning the analysis of active and passive efforts of a spouse to their non-marital business interests, and how the Court’s opinion may impact other types of assets.


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How to Present the Tax Evidence in Court, Including Pointers on Effective Cross and Direct and When an Expert is Necessary

  • Roberta Stanley, Esq. and James D. Gilbert, J.D. Gilbert & Company, CPAs
  • 1.5 CLE Credits

Reading a Tax Return and Using that Information for the Financial Affidavit as well as Analyzing the Opposing Party’s Financial Affidavit

  • Mark Sessums, Esq. and Monica Ospina, Ospina, Everett & Shechter, LLP
  • 1.5 CLE Credits

How Will the New Tax Laws Affect Your Bottom Line? Important Information to Assist You in Running Your Practice

  • Elisha Roy, Esq. and Cinnamin O’Shell, Manis O’Shell, LLC
  • 1.5.CLE Credits

Didn’t I mention my Offshore Assets?

  • Jorge Cestero, Esq., Solicitor Barbara Corbett, Jersey, Channel Islands and Robert Manis, CPA, ABV
  • Hidden foreign assets require special finesse in the context of a dissolution of marriage. Discovering and marshalling those assets, considering the civil and potential criminal penalties associated with such assets, and addressing valuation and enforcement for distribution of offshore assets will be addressed.

What would the Reptiles Say?

  • Joe R. Boyd, Esq. and John C. Moran, Esq.
  • 2.0 CLE Credits
  • Due diligence in dissolution of marriage cases require practitioners to be aware of and explore discrete issues of real estate and probate laws. The seminar will cover real estate and probate issues including: the ramifications of judgment liens when tenants by the entireties become tenants in common, transfer of homestead rights in divorce, issues that arise when an estranged spouse becomes a surviving spouse, changes to the probate code, and the roles that title underwriters and title agents play.

A Matter of Trust: Trust Instruments in Divorce

1.5 CLE Credits

Presenters:  Laird Lile, Esq.
and Bonnie Sockel-Stone, Esq.

Explore different trust vehicles such as irrevocable, revocable, and intentionally defective grantor trusts and the impact these planning vehicles have on remedies available to a spouse when marital assets have been transferred.